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“Claire worked with every class at Trinity to help them produce the most spectacular top hats and boaters. She helped to make a special occasion really memorable. The children were so proud of what they had achieved. Claire is so creative and inspirational. Her quiet, calm manner, along with her engaging activities captivate the children.”


“We have just done an evaluation of the week and the pupils really enjoyed the ‘Hats’ workshops - it was a favourite activity. Many thanks for coming in and setting it up for us. It would be great if we can find another opportunity to work together...”


“I could have filled your after school club twice over.”

School office manager

“Gil was sooooooooo excited and pleased with the results of the after school animation. A very happy boy.”


“..this looks like the best after school club ever!”


“Thank you again for your workshop, I think it is very important to allow children to associate school with being creative and being able to express themselves through different types of classes.”


“I’m going to come to all your after school workshops, I’m not going to miss any!”


“Thank you so much for the workshop we came to on Tuesday. The end results were lovely and our pupils were full of enthusiasm about it. Lots of positive feedback as we walked back up to school.”


“Leo LOVES your workshops.”


“...thank you for the sterling work you did in organising, promoting and carrying out workshops with over 700 children during the summer term. Thank you for the enthusiastic but methodical way in which this whole exercise has been carried out. ”

Art Centre Trustees

“This is the first after school club that Maddy has ever wanted to do. She has loved it. Thanks so much. ”


“Thanks again for the Saturday animation workshop - the students really enjoyed it! I thought I might do a private screening for them (with popcorn!) ...Its something I’d like to try and develop more at school. Thanks again it was fab.”


“What a joy. My children are great fans of yours and they feel very comfortable with you and recommending your club. So they are happy to join you next term please.”


Entertaining, educational workshops

We deliver tried and tested projects that engage and inspire youngsters, from year 1 to sixth form. Our workshops can be adapted to your curriculum requirements, your own themes and events and pupils’ ages. We run workshops for after school clubs, arts week, STEM week, leavers events, home schooling, festivals…

From laptops to plant pots
Your young experimenters will love making our ‘cool stuff’. Whilst they’re having fun, they’ll also be thinking and designing creatively, problem solving, recycling, using construction skills, digital skills, and maybe even some horticultural skills – yes, there’s even a gardening workshop! 

Flexible ways of working
Regularly working in schools, we embrace the need to be adaptable. We can work with multiple classes, or demonstrate to teachers alone so they can deliver the project with pupils. A popular way of working is for us to kick start a project with you in class, and then you can complete it in a time frame to suit you. We can supply all the materials, but if you or your pupils have your own that you’d like to incorporate or recycle, that’s great, we’re flexible.

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Kits are go!

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We’ve been researching what you want from a creative kit for a while now. This Easter we started the Nat West Entrepreneur Accelerator programme in Bristol, which is definitely going…

Alternative Provision
& Home Schooling

We are part of Wiltshire County Council’s Approved Alternative Provision. Whatever your young person’s needs, we’re here to help you succeed with a creative art and design programme. Our fun projects are packed full of opportunities to explore and develop drawing, painting, sculpting, film and even graphic design skills (literacy and numeracy skills are also hiding out in our workshops!).
Our workshops can be booked for individuals or small groups as a one-off event, a short course or a regular programme.
Workshop leader Claire is passionate about allowing youngsters to make their art and design projects as unique as they are, nurturing their confidence and encouraging them to explore their world through making, designing and thinking creatively.

After School Clubs

We make it easy for you to offer your pupils creative clubs. Each half term we choose an exciting project and provide you with an individually designed booking form for your parents to fill in and return to you. We’re happy to take the paperwork and payments from there, so that you don’t have to.
Our weekly after school workshops usually last an hour and a quarter, but we can be flexible. Currently we charge only £7 per session. For that cost, we supply all the materials and equipment needed to make brilliant things like working clocks, t-shirts, animated films….
We only ask pupils to sign up in termly or half termly blocks, but many come back every every time! Contact us as early as you can, as there is often a waiting list for your chosen days of the week.

Project co-ordination

If you have a creative project that you need help getting off the ground, as well as running workshops Claire also makes a great co-ordinator. With existing relationships with schools in Somerset and Wiltshire, she has a good track record of engaging schools and pupils with projects.

End of Year Leavers Workshops

Creating graffiti style art on t-shirts is a popular end of year treat. A great opportunity for them to sign each other’s t-shirts in a cool and creative way… you could say this workshop is a perfect fit!
Let your pupils ‘go crazy’ on their t-shirts by making a wearable work of art – something they’ll keep and treasure as a memento of their time at your school.
We can even create a bespoke stencil of your school name/class/year that everyone can use as a ‘creative stamp’.

Case study: Oakfield Academy STEM WEEK 360 Top Hats!

What better way to celebrate an ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ themed STEM week, than making hundreds of individual top hats? Phileas Phogg famously wore one and so did over 300 pupils from Oakfield Academy in Frome, when we delivered top hat workshops to 12 classes over 2 days.
Pupils measured and cut out their own individual hat pieces, then assembled and constructed them into a wearable top hat – great for working in pairs! When their bespoke designs were complete, the new head wear could be seen being proudly worn home on the pupils walk through town – a very colourful sight!
Thank you Paul Gillis Photography

Drop-in workshops

For festivals, weddings, fairs… in fact, anywhere !
Whatever your special event or themed celebration, we’ve got a fun and festive activity to entertain your guests. We can adapt most of our workshops to provide a fast and fun making activity that will be a highlight of your event. Feast your eyes on our workshop pages –  we can tailor them for larger numbers of participants who’ll be dropping in, as part of your special event.
Our drop-in workshops give families fun opportunities to explore their creativity with a wide range of materials – adults won’t be able to resist joining in! Emphasis is on thinking and designing creatively, making personalised art and design projects and recycling. But most of all, the workshops are designed for having fun!


Because we tailor or create each drop-in workshop to your event and participant numbers, the costs will vary – just drop us a line and we’ll give you a no obligation quote.

Original, open-ended and personalised projects

We research and devise our workshops to provide endless possibilities for youngsters to plan, explore and make their own unique projects. We love to see pupils using their own ideas and designs to make our projects their own. We start every workshop with an interactive demonstration on how to make the chosen project, suggesting techniques and giving tips. We also show finished examples to help generate ideas and fire imaginations.

We’ve done all the prep, you have all the fun

Because every design brief is to construct from scratch, and because we provide and suggest a very large choice of materials, all the creations will be as different and unique as each young maker. We’ve done the design research and sourced just the right materials; we also like to use everyday materials in new ways, so that youngsters will easily find them again at home or school. We love to hear that youngsters have been inspired in a workshop and continue their making and exploring after the workshop.

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