are your chance to create some really awesome stuff – personalised projects for you to make, exactly how you want them. Think of some of your favourite things… go on, we bet you’ve got loads! Whatever you’re bonkers about, use them as inspiration for your Make It! projects –  turn them into exciting designs, exclusive to you.

TAKE YOUR PICK from loads of fun workshops – you could animate a short film, design a hoody, make a real clock, construct your own top hat and so much more… But don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself.

EXPLORE our workshop pages and let them kick start your own ideas and spark your imagination. So go on, dive right in!

WE START ALL OUR WORKSHOPS by demonstrating exactly how to make the project – we show you finished examples and give you loads of cool ideas to get you going. During the workshop we help you along, give advice and top tips and help solve your design problems. And of course, we tell you how brilliant your projects look.

OUR WORKSHOPS are like chameleons that love adapting to your ideas – so make them work for you! We know the things you love and we love to see what you do in our workshops with your own ideas, style and themes.

SEE THE DR WHO FAN ABOVE with his Tardis? He loves the Dr so much, he turned his Top Secret Box project into a time travelling police box! We’ve also seen the Doctor brilliantly modelled in our animation workshops and he often turns up on cool clock faces.

WE’RE ALWAYS BLOWN AWAY by what you come up with, and we’re always trying out new materials and projects that we think you’ll love. So come back soon, new workshop ideas are being added all the time.

WE BET YOUR FAVOURITE THINGS will appear somewhere in the Make it! workshop pages, but if they don’t, let us know and we’ll do our best to create a new workshop for you.