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Beads, badges, buttons, bangles, brooches!

Want some wrist wear that’s cool enough for a rock star?
Cook up some fab new wearable art, using polymer clay and our portable oven.


We’ll show you techniques for sculpting loads of lovely clay colours into your new favourite fashion accessory. If ‘jewellery’ isn’t your thing, make some cool badges or buttons to wear on your jacket.
If you can sculpt it, you can wear it! We’ve got lots of ways of wearing your creative ideas – all of them perfect for showing off your small scale sculptures in a cool, quirky or cute way. Check out these little gems:

Don’t buy them, make ’em! Choosing and mixing colours, sizes and shapes to make your beads is just the start – choosing the sequence of how to string your new beads is also part of the designing. We supply spacer beads to show off your new beads to their best. Add some coloured leather straps and you’ve got some rockin’ wrist wear. In one of our longer workshops you’ll have enough time to become a ‘bead machine’, and string lots into a necklace.

Pin your colours to the mast (or your jacket!) and declare your allegiance to all the things you love, with some personalised badges for you and your friends. Design a logo for your secret club, or just create some great shapes. You’ll be rolling coloured clay, using cutters and carefully layering up shapes. As soon as your shapes are  baked hard, we add pins for you.

Make them multi-coloured, multi-shaped, patterned or plain, tiny or whoppers. Use our cutters or sculpt your own shapes. We’ve got loads of special effect clays to make unique little gems – see how many you can make to sew on to your favourite t-shirt or bag.

Create your own special mix of complimentary coloured clay, to twist into a beautiful bangle. Or start with a base and add lovely layers and bright slices of clay to make stripes.

Just like the badges, but without being restricted to working with flat designs. Make them gorgeously glamorous or weird and whacky.


Surfer Dude – Natural stone and driftwood colours finished with some fake sharks teeth.
Cute Candy – Sugary little gems strung together. Licorice allsorts are our favourite!
Football Club – Beads in the colours/stripes of your football club home and away kit.
Night Sky – Beautiful blues and blacks with silver stars.
Juicy Fruit – Perfect little miniatures of luscious loveliness.
Pirate Bling – Complete with mini skull and cross bones – beads that Jack Sparrow would be proud to wear.
Out of This World – Make miniatures all the planets in our solar system and don’t forget our beautiful blue planet.
Festive Fun – Christmas inspired beads strung together like a festive decoration – holly, candy canes, mistletoe…
Ghoulish Gothic – Bones, eye balls, skulls, mini ghosts – all dripping round your wrist or neck!

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