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Hurry up and eat your salad, before it eats you!

Be sure to label your plant pots with some very clear danger warnings.
You don’t want your family & friends to get eaten by what you grow… do you?


Invent and grow some man-eating plants! Paint a terracotta pot with your own theme, to grow your dangerous plants in. You can also design your own seed packets to keep the dangerous seeds safe in, designed with danger warnings and special instructions.

Ours is finding a tarantula in our salad. What if we told you there’s a poisonous nocturnal plant called the Tarantula Tickler, that scuttles about after dark, and grows to twice its size if you try to squash it? What does your worst nightmare carnivorous plant like to eat? What are your instructions for looking after it, watering it, and stopping it from eating your Nan?OR HOW ABOUT growing something a little safer? Choose mini carrots, salad leaves or cress to eat at home. A plant pot brightly coloured with stripes or spots makes a great present for family – Nan would love some quick growing salad on her window sill. Safer than a Nan-eating plant! If it’s the right time of year, you can also grow pumpkins or sunflowers to plant out in your garden (before they become monsters!)DID YOU KNOW?
Gardening is the new rock n roll! Check out the ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY for young horticulturalists.

Tropical pitcher plant (Nepenthes)
Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula),
Sundew (Drosera),
Cobra lily (Darlingtonia californica),
Bladderwort (Utricularia)

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Your workshop options

1.5 hr workshop

£ 65

plus £3.55 per gardener

Usually suitable for 6 yrs and over
Maximum number: 10
Designing pots
Sowing seeds

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2 hr workshopMost popular

£ 78

plus £3.90 per gardener

Usually suitable for 7 yrs and over
Maximum number: 10
Designing pots plus seed packets
Sowing seeds

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2.5 hr workshop

£ 90

Plus £3.90 per gardener

Usually suitable for 8 yrs and over
Maximum number: 12
Designing pots plus seed packets
Sowing seeds
Also suitable for larger/school groups with staff
Can be split into 2 x sessions with a break

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  • All materials & equipment needed to design pots (and packets) and sow seeds to take home
  • Tuition and expert guidance by a creative artist & graphic designer who has researched, practised and delivered this workshop many times
  • A gardening/growing playlist of music to inspire the making and party to!
  • Party bags for everyone to carefully take away their little pots (and packets)
  • Workshop set up and clear down time (usually 45 mins before and 45 mins after)
  • Personalised invitations for you to send to your guests
  • If your workshop venue is within 15 miles of our base in Bradford on Avon, our travel/mileage costs are included.  For further afield, just add 40p per extra mile

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