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Make it, fake it, and we bet you won't break it!

Brighten up the view from your window by designing some cool stained ‘glass’ art.
Make it any theme or shape you want.
Fake it and fool everyone!


We’ll be using a different coloured cellophanes instead of real glass – much easier, quicker and safer, but very realistic. We mix a special craft glue to attach your colours and shapes to a super thick clear base. When all the overlapping layers it dry, the wrinkles and bubbles left inside look a lot like real hand-made antique glass. We even add thick black lines to mimic the authentic lead pieces that hold real stained glass in place. 

MAKE YOUR FAKE GLASS any shape or theme you like. Precisely plan your design or just jump right in and watch a random ‘abstract’ masterpiece appear – as mesmerising as a kaleidoscope! And when you’re ready to show off your priceless fake, we’ve got an (almost) invisible way to attach and detach it to any window – put it somewhere new every day. When the light shines through, it really glows! SOME THEMES SO FAR:
Superman, the Queen of Hearts, the characters of David Walliams’ books, Roman soldiers, Illuminati, mermaids,under water scenes, sunshine rainbows, stars, butterflies, rockets, tigers, wolfs, huskies, dragons, sun glasses, music and microphones, hearts, flowers, doves…

RECYCLING cellophane sweet wrappers are really good for this project (usually the ones you get at Christmas, so be sure to save them up!). Any coloured cellophane you find can be used – even the clear wrap from bunches of flowers bought in shops. 

DID YOU KNOW? Coloured glass objects were probably first made by those clever Egyptians and Romans, but it’s thought the earliest stained glass windows were made for monasteries and churches in Europe as early as 7th century. Only those with huge wealth could afford them back then, but these days you don’t have to be loaded, just creative!

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