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Need a place for your swag? Design yourself a cool bag!

Want to be the coolest (and most creative) kid in the playground?
We’ll show you how to cover a pencil case or bag in graffiti style art.


Your mission: completely cover a pencil case or bag with graffiti style art. We’ll show you how to turn your drawings and doodles into cool designs, using fabric markers, masking techniques and spray paint.
We’ll show you examples of easy graffiti fonts (letter styles), to help you create super cool personalised designs. Plan an epic work of graffiti art, or just jump right in, start doodling and see what happens! Whatever you’re in to, you can turn your themes and ideas into wearable art. Make it cool, make it cute, or make it crazy – whatever your style, we think you’ll love your finished spray painted pencil case, gym bag or tote bag. All three are constructed from a special fabric that’s made for adding art work to. 

Our specially mixed super bright fabric paint is non-aerosol, so no need to wear masks or work outside. Although aprons will be available, we will be using permanent fabric paints and pens (so that your designs can be washed without disappearing), so we recommend that you don’t wear anything too precious to the workshop, just in case!

During the final stage of the workshop, we help everyone to spray paint two at a time, so for parties, please be aware your guests will finish their pencil cases or bags in a staggered time frame. When finished spraying, if they are old enough, they can help those that are still designing, or we recommend having a fast and fun activity or party food ready.PERFECT FOR FESTIVALS:
This cool activity fits nicely into festivals and outdoor events. It’s fun, fast and adults can’t resist joining in! We can supply cotton bags in large quantities to fit your budget – talk to us about a no obligation quote. Whilst you’re at it, why not get your logo printed on your bags, as a lasting reminder of your event. 

The word ‘graffiti’ is actually an Italian word that means ‘to scratch’. It was first used to describe naughty scribblings, that were scratched into walls hundreds of years ago. But modern graffiti art started in New York in the 1970’s, by young people using spray paint to create designs on urban surfaces, including trains. We don’t recommend this! Keep practising on your bag, and maybe you’ll be the next Banksy.

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Your workshop options

1 hour workshop

£ 64

plus £4.75 per gym or tote bag plus £5.15 per zipped pencil case

Usually suitable for:
6 yrs and over
Maximum number: 10
Simple designs on one side of bag
Completely covering a pencil case

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1.5 hr workshop

£ 76

plus £4.75 per gym or tote bag

Usually suitable for:
7 yrs and over
Maximum number: 12

Detailed designs on one side of bag

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2 hour workshopMost popular

£ 89

plus £4.75 per gym or tote bag

Usually suitable for:
8 yrs and over
Maximum number: 15
Ambitious designs on both sides of bag
Larger/school groups with staff

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  • All materials & equipment to make graffiti bags or cases, made ready to take home, using our hot air dryer
  • Care instructions for your new graffiti designs
  • Tuition and expert guidance by a creative artist & graphic designer who has researched, practised and delivered this workshop many times
  • A graffiti/bag themed playlist of music to inspire the making!
  • Party bags for everyone to take away their bags or cases (or wear your bag home!)
  • Workshop set up and clear down time plus extra time to dry and prepare t-shirt for taking home (usually 45 mins before and 60 mins after)
  • Personalised invitations for you to send to your guests (with bag choosing form attached)
  • If your workshop venue is within 15 miles of our base in Bradford on Avon, our travel/mileage costs are included.  For further afield, just add 40p per extra mile

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