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Don't just change the clocks, make one!

Want a cool clock to match your room or maybe give as a gift?
We’ll show you how to design a large clock face, ready to put a clock mechanism in to.


We’ll be using the technique called ‘decoupage’ to cover your large clock face with all sorts of fun and interesting papers (the trick is gluing them really flat!). We supply loads of cool coloured and patterned papers for you to use, but the best bit is adding your own to make your clock really personal to you. So you could print, cut out and glue on pictures of your favourite tv or book characters, football team, Youtube stars, bands, sports, hobbies…DISCOVER YOUR INNER GRAPHIC DESIGNER by creating numbers that both complement and stand out from your clock face (we’ve got ways of making sure you get the numbers in the right place on the dial). Then finally, choose the colour of your clock hands, put in the battery and ta-dah! you have a working clock!

OR HOW ABOUT using photos of your friends, pets or family to make a really personalised clock design? The possibilities for personalising your clock are endless.

Doctor Who, dinosaurs, Minions, Frozen, jungle animals, Top Gear, Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, safari, wedding anniversaries, outer space, Deadly 60, puppies, Minecraft, emojis, sharks, underwater, Pokemon, rockets, Manchester United, Matilda, Harry Potter, monsters, best friends, night sky, zebras, the Great Fire of London…!

Cover your clock base with papers
Carefully cut out images from your favourite magazine
Design numbers to stand out
Add a clock mechanism and choose hands

RECYCLING your favourite magazines are really good for this project – take a look at the Horrible Histories clock we made by cutting up one of ours. Even up-cycling your favourite food wrappers in a cool way, makes a quirky clock theme. Go on, dive into the recycling box!

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Your workshop options

2 hour workshop

£ 91.25

plus £4.80 per clock maker

Usually suitable for 7 yrs and over
Maximum number: 8

3 hour workshopMost popular

£ 116.25

plus £4.80 per clock maker

Usually suitable for 8 yrs and over
Maximum number: 10

4 hour workshop

£ 141.25

Plus £4.80 per clock maker

Usually suitable for 9 yrs and over
Maximum number: 12
Also suitable for larger/school groups with staff
Can be split into 2 x sessions with a break




  • All materials & equipment needed to make unique working clocks
  • Tuition and expert guidance by a creative artist & graphic designer who has researched, practised and delivered this workshop many times
  • A clock/time playlist of music to inspire the making and party to! 
  • Party bags for everyone to carefully take away their new clocks
  • Workshop set up and clear down time (usually 45 mins before and 45 mins after)
  • Personalised invitations for you to send to your guests
  • If your workshop venue is within 15 miles of our base in Bradford on Avon, our travel/mileage costs are included.  For further afield, just add 40p per extra mile

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