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Get some serious h'attitude!

Want to make a seriously cool hat that looks like it’s made by a top milliner?
You’d be mad not to! Perfect for fancy dress or just showing off…


Make headwear as cool, cute or crazy as you are, from scratch! We’ll start by using templates to measure, draw and cut out individual hat pieces in your size, then assemble and construct them into a wearable hat, which ensures an accurate size for your beautiful ‘bonce’. Choose your hat height and a cool combination of papers and other materials to cover your hat, using decoupage techniques. We provide loads of coloured and patterned papers for creating a surface design, but you can add all sorts of your own materials to make them bespoke. to make your design unique.

UP-CYCLING your gift wrap, favourite magazines and comics is a great way to incorporate your favourite theme into your hat. In fact, anything that’s paper based can be used, so go on, dive into the recycling box! Even the smallest scraps of fabric can be twisted into a hat band, find a feather in the park, stick it in your hat band, save a buckle from an old belt…

Think mad, bad and bonkers – think Willy Wonka, the Mad Hatter, the Artful Dodger, the Cat in the Hat. Think crazy, scary and cool – Think Phileas Phogg and and a hat loaded with steampunk contraptions. For an alternative Halloween hat, there’s nothing cooler than a jet black top hat with a freaky feather or scary skull.  THE CLASSIC BOATER
Think jolly hockey sticks, punting on the lake, summer picnics by the bandstand… Ever heard of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton or Harold Lloyd? Their stunts in the silent movies are really worth checking out. The boater is the perfect shape for making pretty bonkers Easter bonnets.SCULPTED POINTY HATS
Conjure up your own sculpted wizard or witch’s hat. Think the Hogwarts Sorting Hat, Professor Minerva McGonagall, Gandalf, and of course, the Wicked Witch of the West! See our Halloween hats below…

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Kits are go!

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We’ve been researching what you want from a creative kit for a while now. This Easter we started the Nat West Entrepreneur Accelerator programme in Bristol, which is definitely going…

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Bats in your belfry?

Conjure up your own sculpted wizard or witch’s hat with an extra wide brim – very mysterious!

Or if you’re into the darker side of life, you can make a scarily cool gothic style classic jet black top hat that a Victorian undertaker would be proud of. You could say, headwear to die for!



Pretty bonkers!

Start with our classic boater shape, then add fluffy chicks, nutty nests, blossomy blooms, a fistful or feathers, extra eggs, whacky windmills… just about anything you’re bonkers about, to make your Easter bonnet fit for a mad March hare.

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